Teen Wolf Ficlet

A Hunger a midst it’s Branches

The Nematon felt it’s branches creak with anticipation, somewhere nearby the one who’d taken it’s spark was whispering sweet promises of returning what they stole with interest. Already power swirled about her, leaking into bare roots which ached with thirst for more. It would be revitalized, a shining beacon of glory amidst an era undeserving.

It wished it had enough power to reach out and touch its intended, who were set amidst the sullen husks of its remaining roots. They were so strong, a perfect set for their purpose. It wouldn’t be long before their strength would be it’s, the final tether to bind the ones before them into a blaze for the Nematon to consume.

Far off a trickle of intent reached for the Druid Trees attention, a better offer, another more promising gift. Three fold in one, a spark like none other, that would ignite an inferno brighter then any before. A Virgin, a Healer and a Warrior, now all Guardians, offered in place of those that sat beneath it.

The Nematon accepted.

I am 1000% done with this year

In the continuing epic fail of this year, my grandfather passed away today. At least this time we knew it was coming. My mother and I flew up to Utah last week in order to say our goodbyes and make our peace.

Now however comes the craziness that is our Utah family and their inability to tolerate each other without extreme drama. The only thing to be thankful for in any of this is that we moved far away and won’t have much to do other than take phone calls and fend off the worst of the stupidity from a distance.

I’m not sure if I’ll go to the funeral, I’m still feeling so raw from the last one that I don’t know if I could hold up through another. I guess I’ll see how things go and move forward from there.
Bad Day

Can this year be over please...

Right, so because my life needs more drama and strife I managed somehow, in my fits of grief, to tear my retina and required laser surgery to fix it. NOT FUN!

Laser retina repair is apparently nothing like lasics. The process for me was fairly long, because while my retina hadn't completely detached there were two tears. a small one at the top and a larger one that had accumulated liquid at the bottom. The one with liquid was the bigger concern, since it had caused a blind spot in my vision which is why I went in.

I had several options for surgery. Laser which would "spot weld" the tears, but would trap the liquid, leaving me with a permanent blind spot. Or I could go with actual surgery where they would use a needle to remove the liquid, and then fill the void/indent left behind with a clear solution or gas. Due to cost and the fact that I don’t have insurance I went with the laser and simple accept that I will have a spot in my vision.

Things I wish they would have forewarned me about with this procedure before sending me on my merry way.
1. The Blurred vision can last several weeks after laser surgery.
2. Random flashes/light images may appear in vision
3. The anesthetic they used causes slowness in the muscles around the eye that may persist for several days after making the eye slow to focus and light sensitive.

On the up note I had several funny encounters afterward that amused me to no end.

When I saw by brother after the procedure his first question was “so they stuck a needle in your eye?” when I said yes (actually below the eye for the anesthetic) he looked at me dead serious and pronounced “I always knew you were a liar.”

This was repaid by karma a few hours later when we saw one of his friends, who took one look at my pretty new shiner (caused by said needle) and asked if he needed to kick my brother’s ass for me. :)

I'm Back Home

Uhg Worst few weeks of my life so far. My Best friend is holding up as well as she can, but the loss of my little (honorary) nephew is something that's going to haunt us for a long time. Grief is a strange and bitter tide, it ebbs and flows at an odd pace and the undertow catches you without warning whenever you think you've finally found a decent footing.

Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences, we appreciate your sympathy and thoughts during this time. I would have posted earlier, but because bad things come in groups, my laptop fizzled out while I was traveling.

the funeral was very well done, the people running the home were amazing and helpful through out the whole process, and I was touched when they told us that we only had to pay the hard costs and they would cover the rest since it's morally reprehensible to charge families for the death of a child. They gave us the information for a florist they like and she was wonderful as well. the funeral was filled with so many flowers in splashes of his favorite colors and she used decorations like a large model of Lightning McQueen filled with roses.

It snowed for the first time in months on the day of the funeral, and I was pleased that nature shared in our tears for our lost little man.

the day after the funeral we took my best friend to a nearby spa, because fate is a twisted, awful thing and we buried her son on the day before her 30th birthday. so we tried as hard as we could to make her birthday about her and to distract her for a little while with a long massage, really hot mineral spas and margaritas. while we were gone her boyfriend arranged a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant with a ton of her friends and neighbors (unlike me she's very social and has a lot of good people to surround her, which will be helpful in the coming months) and I ran and got a cake so everything would be as normal as possible. She says it was nice, and it did make her feel better at least.

Now I'm home and back at work, and to be truthful, it's three times harder here alone in the aftermath than it was there with her as it happened. All we can do is move forward, we'll take it one step at a time and learn our new reality as we go carefully onward. the next step will at least provide a decent distraction for a while as she and the father prepare a lawsuit (the trucks gear shift was faulty, pressure did not need to be applied to the brake when shifting between gears).

PSA I wish I never had a reason to post

It's been forever since I posted anything, and I wish more then anything that I was posting something new and interesting for a fandom, but I'm not, instead I am venting my grief with a PSA.


Yesterday my four year old nephew was at his dad's house for his weekly visitation. his father left him unrestrained in the cab of a running U-haul with the drivers side door open while he went to check on something, I'm not sure what, my nephew moved to daddy's seat, knocked the car out of gear and fell out when the vehicle stared to move and into the path of the tires. Now I'm getting ready to leave, so that I can support his mother through the funeral arrangements.

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I'm Highly Amused by This

This was interesting and I’m genuinely amused, but sadly none of this is untrue. I've been to several councilors and what not who've say similar over the years (The most common being Antisocial, Schizoid and Borderline personality disorder and one memorable case of mild tendencies toward Sociopathic behavior, which is completely untrue and I still maintain that that particular councilor was a total twat who should have her license revoked, seriously I was like eleven and tramatised.) and I'm perfectly aware that my family history isn't stellar in these areas either (my maternal grandfather and biological father both have/had huge mental health issues, and although I didn’t know him I’m told my bio-dad never recovered from his last psychotic break and died talking to angels v_v). It's why I decided not to have children if it every came up.

Paranoid:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --

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OMG Show WTF?!?!

Ok Seriously I loved the Season Finale of H50 on the whole and the A plot was made of win with just the right twists that left me wishing summer was over already to see how this all plays out and how our team survives the fallout of everything.

+++++++Sorta spoilery++++++++++

But the B plot! OMG The B PLOT!!!! Mother F@*&$%# What the Hell??? No, Just No! I actually LIKED Rachel, I thought that she was interesting, But I absolutely cannot condone ADULTERY! It is not okay in any shape or form, I don't care what their motivation is. The only thing the writers accomplished with any of that was to seriously make my resent my favorite character on the show in a way I'm not sure I can get over. More over this cannot work out well for anyone, it was hugely unnecessary and seems to be leading up to the removal of the Grace&Danno scenes that totally made for some of the cutest moments in the whole freaking show.

Oh Danny I'm so disappointed in you (writers I hate you so much for even going there and in such a stupid cliche manner.) :'(

I Just..I have no words for how furious this made me.
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The Hell You Say!!!

Screw you American Idol!!! I demand a Mother F@#$!&% Recount!!!!! OMG I'm so pissed I think I'm going to have an aneurysm, my freaking blood pressure is through the roof. The first time I watch a season in two damn years and this is what I get?!? I voted a fuck-ton of times for him last night!!! RAWR!!!!!!!

There is a great deal of hate in me right now D:
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Happy Easter!!!

Hey Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having an awesome Sunday whether you celebrate or not. I wish you all a great undead savior day either way!
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